“There are so many opportunities to grow in the way that is best suited for you, whether it’s expanding your knowledge and skills into a new career or continuing to specialize in your selected field. Our goal is to make sure that whatever position you are interested in, we have a plan and the tools to help you get there.”


MERCHANDISING CAREERS - Merchant team members span the globe in search of fresh, new ideas and interesting and innovative merchandise. This also involves the exciting opportunity to source products that are unique for both international guests and exotic itineraries. You will partner with our Planning and Operations groups to ensure that Starboard captures the variety of offerings that sets us apart from our competition. The merchant team also guides Starboard’s exclusive brand development in several merchandise categories and helps generate product designs. 


MERCHANDISE PLANNING / DISTRIBUTION CAREERS - A career in Planning and Distribution entails analyzing sales trends and forecasts, offering key strategic decisions and calculated risk-taking. You will take control of the product inventory on board our cruise line partners and work with our distribution team as a key player in purchasing. You will experience the challenges and rewards of getting the right product to the right place on time, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with teams throughout the business, gaining exposure to a variety of selling functions. 


FINANCE CAREERS - Finance is the place for people whose analysis can lead to key business decisions as well as profits. You can demonstrate your fiscal integrity and drive Starboard’s future business strategies. You will also be rewarded for being both analytical and entrepreneurial. Whether you have an accounting, auditing, or financial analysis background, Starboard provides opportunities to advance in your career. 


DISTRIBUTION CENTER/LOGISTICS CAREERS - A major factor in our success is our well developed distribution system focused on cruiseline logistics, the backbone of our merchandise replenishment process. To keep up with our growth, skilled customs and transportation staff, along with warehouse merchandise handlers and customer service associates help us continue through the road of success. 


HUMAN RESOURCES CAREERS - A career in Human Resources will enable you to help lead the organization by recruiting talented team members, developing tools that help team members maximize their contributions, driving a culture where people are valued and rewarded for hard work and proven results. No matter what your path is, you will be involved in decisions that impact hundreds of Starboard team members. 


MARKETING/VISUAL MERCHANDISING CAREERS - Put your creativity to work with a position in Visual Merchandising and Marketing, where talented team members create innovative print campaigns, spectacular special events and other memorable promotions. Be part of the crew that builds and strengthens the company’s brand while reaching out to new and existing guests. 


RETAIL OPERATIONS CAREERS - Excelling as an Operations Director or District Manager at our headquarters requires a dynamic combination of business and interpersonal skills. It involves leading and coaching diverse teams to drive profitable sales and provide excellent guest services and selling skills in a fast-paced, high-volume environment. If you can develop and articulate a vision and strategy for our shipboard shop operations, motivate and inspire the team, and manage business relationships with our cruise line partners, you will gain well-rounded experience with Starboard Cruise Services. 


INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES CAREERS - Join Starboard’s IT group and be a part of a team that is dynamic, diverse and technically savvy. Starboard’s IT technology is Microsoft-centric and integrated with other leading-edge platforms. You will have plenty of opportunity to use your creativity and technical skills and enjoy a company with an energetic and progressive attitude.